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Discussion in 'General' started by davidlai012, Apr 14, 2015.

  1. hi guys, im new to this runemate and i wanna to ask i just have created my acc 2 days ago and is that safe to bot now? im just wanted to bot woodcutting by aidden and maybe 2hours per wc level now is 61 legit...Thx for answering!!!
  2. 2hrs a day is safe.
    a new acc without combat etc has a higher chance because they look suspecious. DW 2 hrs a day wont get u banned, i dont think that 6 hrs will get u banned either.
  3. ok thx for answering!!! anyway im with combat level 51 hehe~ because my main just get banned by last week from botting stupid rsbot...
  4. makes ur IP adress also lil suspecious, wouldnt suicide bot if i were u :p
    cb 51 is good enough i think
  5. haha...btw what mean of suicide bot? new hehe:p:p
  6. suicide = basically 24/7
  7. ohhh is that mean botting 24hours per week? im not that crazy.haha just wanna let it afk there for hours and auto hlp me chop trees xD getting lazy click trees by trees..
  8. First of all: Welcome to RuneMate!

    As for your question: I don't think 2 hours a day will get you banned, but anything could happen... at least considering the age of your account.
  9. main concern is about my new account age.. just started 2 days :(:(
  10. Just start botting. It's either now or a year later, and you probably don't want to wait. You could buy a 5-year veteran, however, it's kinda pointless when you use RuneMate #nobansbaby!
  11. I bot around 8 hours a day do 2 should be fine.
  12. Been botting 24/7 for the last 5 months and no bans. Runemate is god.

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