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Discussion in 'Client & Site Suggestions' started by Aidden, Nov 4, 2015.

  1. @Arbiter I've seen a lot of new users get stuck with the simplest of problems and think they could all easily be resolved by having an introduction tutorial when they sign up.
    I'm envisioning it as animated with windows sliding in and out of view but it can just be basic.

    Pretty much just a guide around the forum showing them where the support sections are and to post there if they have troubles, have them switch to bot store and then show them the different information that's on each bot entry like the supported games and such.

    So many users ask why the bots aren't showing in their client and it gets annoying telling them they've added a bot that doesn't support the game type they're using. It could also then take them to the overview page to show the bots info and how to get to its discussion thread to report bugs and stuff.

    Anyway, it would obviously be time consuming but i think it would be a huge benefit to new users. They could opt out of course or choose not now and have an icon for it to the side of the forums so they can get to it easily when they're ready.

    @Cloud @SlashnHax @Bertrand @EvilCabbage @Falixus @frazboyz @Eagles13 @Microsoft Thoughts?
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  2. Why not make this into a video? Or multiple videos for separate issues?

    The idea is great though. No offense to your guys, but the majority of the user-base is rather unintelligent.
  3. I think having an interactive forum tutorial would be better as it actually has the user perform the actions so they get a feel for it and it would also use less bandwidth on their end and not require buffering (which could be annoying with a shitty connection)
  4. I like the idea
  5. I don't think there's any difference between user performing something and a video someone else performing the same thing. Besides, videos can be watched again, paused as the user likes, which is more convenient opposed to walking through an interactive piece.
  6. Link a "Need help?" thread above the shoutbox. Also, classify that "fix bot pls" bullshit as a bannable offense.
  7. I think the interactive part is better tbh.
  8. I'll create an AIO Thread soon :)
  9. Definitely support. We're constantly seeing the same issues in Client Support that could be fixed with this.
  10. You mudderfucker didn't tag me.
  11. Well maybe if you had a more reasonable name to remember. Noob.
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