Nexus prayer training minigame 0.0.1

Train prayer for free!

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  2. @kristiaan i didn't see any sense of making an xp/h counter cause you have got there limited xp, it wont last for few weeks or so :D
  3. and how much is the limit? :d
  4. Once a total of 37,224 Prayer experience (enough for level 1 Prayer to 40) has been gained, no more experience will be given.

    source runescape wikia
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  5. Fills charmed sack, then goes to a bowl, deposits one of whatever that shit is that it collects from the nexus, then goes right back to the center to fill the sack and repeats. It should empty the sack completely before gathering more.
  6. @vipertrek79 will look into that maybe tomorrow thanks for the info ;)
  7. No problem, :D
  8. @vipertrek79 strange, im running it for 15 minutes now, working good
  9. I'll try it again and report back. It had filled the bag, then emptied on,e then went right back and did it again. one minute :D

    EDIT: Seems to be fixed. may have just been a random client bug or something :) Thanks :p
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  10. Thanks for making this bot :) will be great for Darkscape.

    EDIT: Working flawless so far, you should make some sort of GUI for this if it's not already planned.
  11. Why would i need a gui for this? :D you dont need food, just the sack, or you mean the time run
  12. Maybe configurable settings for Darkscape, like equip 2h if killed. Ect ect.
  13. Don't think so :D just don't wear 2h to keep the sack and not lose it, if it dies it will go back to the spot ;)
  14. I often wield a 2h when skilling so if someone wants to fight they atleast have to fight against my 2h. Reducing the chance of death.
  15. This can now be very useful for darkscape,

    Maybe add support for being able to banish grot
  16. I don't know what that is mate ;x never got one
  17. Fills sack, trys to empty it, but runs back to fill the already full sack :S
    nice release tho, keep it up man
  18. @chad i don't know why is that sorry :( when i ran it for 15minutes it was good
  19. it's broken :p

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