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Discussion in 'Bot Support & Feedback' started by Kyler1994, May 17, 2016.

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  1. Kyler1994 submitted a new resource:

    NMZPots - Drinks Pots so you don't have too!

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  2. For anyone who wants to use this, the set up is to have all the potions you are going to use (overload and prayer) in inventory, and then enter NMZ and turn on prayer, then let the bot drink the potions for you and idle when you run out so that you log off. There will be more additions later from this guy!!!
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  3. Big congrats on release! This is actually a good one for me, to be using right now, so I'll be sure to test it out and let you know how it goes :D

    Can you just clarify that you start it when you're actually inside the area?

    @Kyler1994 Recommend you update the resource description to explain how the bot is intended for use.
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  4. done:)
  5. Can't believe it took this long before RM got its own nmz bot:eek:

    Gratz on release doe!
  6. Thank you, had a ton of help from @awesome123man going to eventually turn it fully functional to set up the game re obtain potions etc
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  7. Will have to try this one tomorrow :) Does it have 1 hp function with rapid heal? if not add it plz :)
  8. Currently doesn't support it, but i'll look into it :)
  9. Sounds awesome! I'm too much of a noob (or just lazy, idk) to figure out how it works exactly, so would rather have the bot do it for me :p
  10. After start it immediately closes :(
  11. OK ty I'll get it sorted:)
  12. Protip: Ask for detailed feedback, save yourself a load of time (logs, details & description).
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  13. Can I ask where abouts the occurs? Is it as soon as you hit start on the bot? And what happens, does it just force close the bot etc
  14. Well i never tried to check logs, it just force close in a second
  15. Do you have prayer potions in your inventory?
  16. just overlord and absorb, but like i said it closes in one second after launch...

    will try to check it again later with logs...
  17. Absorbs have not been supported yet sorry. That is probably why.
  18. Does not make logs and like i said it force closes in a second
  19. By force closes do you mean logs out?
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    And ends bot
  20. I start bot->Bot starts(there is no interface)-> ~1 second pass -> bot is off

    there is no logs

    inside game during that time nothing happens
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