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  1. Hey guys! I am NMZPURE can any1 tell me how safe botting on this client is?
  2. Hi NMZPURE,

    Welcome to the #1 RuneScape bot, RuneMate !!
    To answer your question straight away, our client has the lowest ban rate of all bots.
    We use multiple anti-ban techniques to ensure our members are as safe as they can possibly be.
    It's highly adviced to play yourself using the RuneMate client for an hour or so.
    When you do this, the client learns from your game-play and optimizes the bots accordingly.
    It therefor minimizes the ban rate.
    When your adding bots, I always advice our members to check the following:
    1. Ensure the bot is working well for you
    2. Check recent posts about the bot on the bot's thread
    You can find the bot's thread by going to Bot Store.
    Simply click on the title of a bot you want to use, and then discussion.

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