OSRS No Requirements Moneymaker everyone can use, looting fish

Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by horsepotato, Nov 3, 2015.

  1. I remember this was a fairly profitable bot back in the day. If you go to popular fishing spots, there are always bots powerfishing. It would be nice if there was a script bot to pick up the fish and bank it, and run back. The reason why this is a good script bot is because there are no requirements what so ever, so people that like to use throw away level three accounts to bot will love this script bot. The most common location is barbarian village, another one is karamaja island where there is almost always a constant pile of tuna from other bots that drop it. I dont know what the current fish prices are but for an account with no stats what so ever 20-50k an hour would be amazing. Please make this a free script bot.
  2. with Raw trout (24gp) and Raw salmon (88gp) lets say that:
    1 inventory incl banking will take 2 minutes :)
    14 salmon + 14 trout = 14x 88 + 14x 24 = 1568 x 30 = 30.6k/h.
    Is that worth it? :s
    Also if there would be a bot for this, and with RM having 1k users all time... i think the $/h would drop drasticly per hour... :)
  3. That's less than a mil a day for each account if you were able to run them 24/7. Even really high end desktops have problems running a lot of these clients. In the end I feel like it's better to spend a little time on an account. Requirements aren't that bad for most things that make decent cash and it's more of a question of profit/performance than being able to just throw accounts at it. A lot of people do power fish, but if this is a bot that is made to be used by multiple accounts I'm quite sure the bots would outnumber the fish being dropped drastically and in turn slow profit even more. You'd end up paying more for the electricity required to run it.
  4. I see where you guys are coming from but I've had this back in the day and it worked fine. (meaning there were less people doing the picking than people doing the dropping). I am just starting to bot and i'm trying to earn enough to buy a bond without having to spend weeks leveling an account. If I could run this bot for 2-3 days and get a bond, I'd take it.
  5. lol i have 6 osrs accounts botting wilth most minimal requirement 150k/h thats like another bond every 3 hours. just look out for a better method dude

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