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Discussion in 'General' started by xXSlykidXx, May 29, 2015.

  1. So I've always had this noob account that I've been wanting to bot for years, but I just don't know where to start! Do you guys have any suggestions? It's a F2P account!

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  2. What goal do you want to achieve with the account? I.E.: Money, levels, etc
  3. I guess I would like this account to be a second source of income, but also to have some good stats, y'know?
  4. For income you should just leave a bot cutting regular logs. You get a decent woodcutting level and a bit of gold.
  5. Killing cockroaches or cutting regular logs.
  6. Should I train the account in legacy mode as far as combat?
  7. Depends on the monster. But legacy for cockroaches.
  8. The question you need to answer first, is, where do YOU want the account to go :)

    Skiller? Combat..Guy? Main? Quester? Rich-boy?.....
  9. Rich-boy! Basically want to bot this account for a second source of income, but to also have some good stats!
  10. well, you could always get a combat account, but i noticed that combat bots sometimes fail..
    So making a skiller would be more reliable for a botted income
  11. So, which stats should I target first?
  12. might be weird, and long, but Divination makes you a nice amount of money in the higher levels :p or Runecrafting :) but that only makes you money mid 90's :) divination 80/90's
    60->70 divination, made me 2.4M
  13. "It's a F2P account!"
  14. ow did not see that :p then i guess.. still maybe runecrafting and crafting multiple air runes or water runes
  15. I'll definitely get membership for the account, just don't want to waste a membership on this nooby account!

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