Noob gets banned.

Discussion in 'Discussions' started by Tomdickharry, Jun 11, 2016.

  1. Offence Information
    Offence: Macroing Major
    Offence Date: 11-Jun-2016
    Offence Evidence
    Evidence Type:
    Jagex Moderator Comment

    Account banned for macroing in OldSchool.

    1. What bots on Runemate have you used? Quality fighter/ openfighter/ openpickpocket/maxithiever
    2. What other botting software (Powerbot etc.) have you used previously? Nothing on this account.
    3. Have you been banned previously? yes but not using runemate.
    4. Were you 'suicide' botting? 12ish hours a day , trying to seem like a human being but a really nerdy one.
    5. Did you play legitimately in between botting? Yes when i was botting melee combat in f2p then started to thieve in p2p after buying a bond then ban.

    Remember - Never bot on an account you are not willing to lose!

    I did melee in a secluded location, ice dungeon f2p? so it should probably not be that.
    i then did thieving 1-7 at lumbridge, pick pocketing men . i now realize it sounds like a horrible decision to bot at lumbridge. 1-7 was supervised though so it should be okay.
    Moved to tea stall at varrock for 7-21, also a bad decision , i noticed my account decided to stand right in front of the stall owner and steal so maybe that is suspicious/problematic.

    Anyway now is a good time to write some bot reviews i guess :)
  2. The average Runescape player only plays 2 hours per day on a week day and 2.5 hours per day on the weekend. Running an account for 12 hours a day is not a nerdy human, it is a bot.

    Mod MMG on Myths and Misconceptions

    Sorry your account was banned, but botting 12 hours per day is asking for it.
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  3. Fresh account?
  4. 2.5 hours per day? That's weird.
  5. powerbot got you banned.
  6. He didn't use any other bot?
    Next time read the post carefully before jumping to conclusions ;)
  7. I'm 99% sure you got reported by a moderator, or were spotted by a JMOD. I don't think RuneMate is to blame here.
  8. oh dear im sorry

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