RS3 Not for sale but want a price check on rs3 acc

Discussion in 'General Market' started by Zaust, Jan 5, 2016.

  1. Stats: [​IMG]

    I have all holiday items from the easter egg ring through present.
    All quests done.
    Legendary pet and companion pet (<- looks pretty cool)
    6 keepsake keys in the bank unused. Vitality set (#fashionscape)

    Once again just a price check because I'm curious.
  2. giv ya 100 mill for it rsgp
  3. I'm new here but I must ask, how do you bypass the lvl 99? I know the skill cape give 1 lvl more, but how do you go to 113 in deff?
  4. Roughly 200$, little more maybe.
  5. $200 untrusted at the very max
    $350-400 trusted
  6. In RS3 you can tick a box in settings which can show your "virtual level" which is like Dungeoneering equivalent level according to your XP.
    E.G if you have like 104m attack xp it'll say 120 attack.

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