OSRS Now to bot on multiple clients?

Discussion in 'OSRS' started by lulu2199, Dec 16, 2015.

  1. Hello everyone,

    I am new to RuneMate, so still learning to rope.

    How do I login at multiple accounts without having this "connection limit exceeded" thing?

    I don't have OSRS installed on my computer, only RuneMate.

  2. You get 2 free instances/client on runemate. You can use same login and run 2 clients to bot with them on 2 different Runescape accounts.

    For any additional instance/client, you need to donate $1 per instance/client. You can donate here: Upgrade | RuneMate (each $1 donation will give you 1 instance)

    You also get Supporter Rank Title such as mine.
  3. And how do I do that? Do I open another RuneMate client, and login, then start to bot? Because this is what I did, and it told me that login limit exceeded.
  4. Yes, as a free user you can run 2 clients together and use 1 account per client. It can not exceed 2 clients a time, unless you buy more instances.

    If you are running only single client and it still gives you an error, restart your PC and wait about 10-15 minutes before trying again. Run 1 client, then run the other one.

    I run many many instances so I also sometimes get that my instances have been exceeded when they haven't. Happens sometimes. keep trying and you will get in. no more then 2 clients tho
  5. Ok.. the emphasis of the question, and I'm sorry it wasn't clear before: How?

    I have one bot on right now, but I don't know how to open a second bot. Is it simply by opening a second RuneMate client? Because as soon as I enter the user/pw of the second account, it tells me that limit is exceeded.
  6. You can't login to the same world on multiple clients. There is a hack to do it by setting your C:\Users\YOU\random.dat file to read-only, but you do so at your own risk as far as bans go.
  7. You could get into the loader screen for RS and then press the "play" button at the same time. That'll log both accounts into the same world.
  8. I think OP is saying he can't login to 2 runemate clients for some reason. That's just plain weird. Since even if you have reached your instance limit, you can still login to Runemate, it just doesn't let you run scripts bots. when you try to run a script bot, you receive a error that your instances limit has been reached.

    For OSRS, not sure if its the same for RS3

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