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  1. At least for dungeoneering the aspect is that some NPC's change actions / id's without going null.

    Example: Monolith. Bot is set to click if actions has Activate, works fine for first implementation, though actions changed and does not contain "Activate", but it still caches.

    Portion of the code.
    Code (Text):
    2. LocatableEntityQueryResults<Npc> monoq = Npcs.newQuery().names("Monolith").actions("Activate").within(bounds).results();
    3.         Npc monolith = monoq.isEmpty()? null: monoq.nearest();
    4.         if(monolith != null){
    5.             System.out.println("Not null: Actions"+monolith.getDefinition().getActions());
    6.             interactWithPerson(monolith, "Activate");
    7.         }
  2. Check the local state as well
  3. I'll be sure to do that to help debug the issue for your guys end as Npc monolith = monoq.isEmpty()? null: monoq.nearest(); should be null since the query should be returning empty instead of the old NPC. Just need to get one of the many NPC occurrences that this applies to in dungeoneering.
  4. This should have been reported as a bug, I'll disable npc id caching for a while.

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