Resolved NPC Dismisser Causing Bot to Freeze

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  1. After running my mining bot for about 2 hours, the NPC dismisser came up and then my bot stopped doing anything game related as if it got stuck trying to dismiss an npc that was no longer there or something. After it logged out due to inactivity, it logged back in and the Npc dismisser came up again, but there was no npc and the bot was still not doing anything. Though i noticed the mouse kept hovering over a certain area and kept going back to the area even when i moved it away. This has been the first occurence i have seen since the recent update to fix handling osrs. I can try to recreate it, but the bug is still a bit fuzzy to me, just wondering if you have changed anything about how NPC's are handled or how. @Cloud
    Also, there was no error or log for the bug
    Specifics v
    bot - Mining Dawg
    Varrock East mine
    Iron Ore
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  2. You gave specifics.. But failed to mention the script bot or bot name... Fail.
  3. It shouldnt matter because i dont think it is not a bot bug, i believe it is a client issue...
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  4. But then why include any of those details you provided? You listed OSRS, Varrock East mine, and iron ore, yet no mention of the actual bot name. It just seems kind of silly :p. Just giving you a hard time m8
  5. I understand lol, i did forgot to add bot name but i didnt think it was important because i believe it is a client issue that may have been fixed, or may have actually been my bot, not sure. But it doesnt seem to be happening after the update that happened a few hours ago. But the specifics were just to give some details of where the bug could be happening, like if it has something to do with mining/player is animating, or if the area could be bugged. I think either this was a bot bug or cloud fixed it. :D
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