Npc interaction broken?

Discussion in 'Developer Support' started by Exile, Jul 28, 2014.

  1. I'm using the following code to collect essence from a Floating essence-NPC in RuneSpan.
    However it never succesfully completes, it always gives "Nope :( " in the debug box, what am I doing wrong?
    The NPC is valid, I tried drawing the model to the canvas using
    This worked perfectly, so the Npc is actually found.

  2. Is it printing out nope when it is actually interacting successfully? If so it's a bug in the api. If it's not interacting it could be that your actions are wrong or that multiple action interaction isn't working. Npc interaction using single actions is working fine for me.
  3. Was just about to say the same thing. Also OP, get rid of that static sleep. Im guessing when you interact with the floating essence, your animation ID != -1, so you can just do.
    Execution.delayUntil(new Callable<Boolean>() {
    public Boolean call() throws Exception {
    return Players.getLocal.getAnimationID() == -1;
    }, 1500, 2000);
    Also after you do single arugment interaction, add another one these dynamic sleeps because at the moment you interact, your ID != -1, so you can do Npc.interact(blablabla) &&
    Execution.delayUntil(new Callable<Boolean>() {
    public Boolean call() throws Exception {
    return Players.getLocal.getAnimationID() != -1;
    }, 150, 3000);
    Then do the rest of your code
  4. I was running a combat script bot for several hours before the release yesterday so it should be working fine. Let me know when you come across more information.
  5. No, it's printing "Nope :(", and nothing is happening(so the interaction has really failed).
    The mouse is not moving at all, and I've tested it with 1 action, tripple checked the action name and it's correct...
  6. Even a simple or floatingEssence.hover() does nothing..
    I am 100% sure the Npc is valid, as I can get the bounds, I can get the name by doing getDefinitions(), everything..
  7. Yup, was doing all my interaction through Models and nothing was catching on.
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  8. Another update, I tried using,Mouse.Button.RIGHT), this doesn't work either.
  9. Can you pm me an account and a zip of your code?
  10. Yea sure I will pm it in a sec, but the code isn't done, the only thing "working" (it isn't), is collecting Floating essence
  11. That's weird. I can vouch for interaction working on both OS and RS3.. Lol
  12. I can send my code to you as well if you wish?
    Not my account(not because I don't trust you, it's a lvl 3 with no stats), because Cloud is working on that one :p
  13. [​IMG]
  14. So is it happening for both of you at the runespan area then?
  15. I'll try to make another script bot not runecrafting related and tell you more ;)
  16. I like that idea :p
  17. Can only continue in about 15 hours(working), can't you do something really quick please?
  18. Don't worry, @Cloud is on the job as quick as he can be. He is entirely dedicated to this so he is probz going as fast as he can, also, get rid of them static sleeps niggah!

  19. I assume he's a beginner.
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  20. Well i did give him an example of how to use it :(

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