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  1. Below is an example of the XML-based bot manifest which allows for more customization while reducing bloat within a bot's main class.
    Code (XML):
    1. <manifest>
    2.     <main-class>com.runemate.clouds_woodcutter.CloudsWoodcutter</main-class>
    3.     <name>Cloud's Powerchopper</name>
    4.     <tag-line>Insert catchy tagline here (marketing oriented)</tag-line><!--Max of 50 chars-->
    5.     <description>Power chops all types of logs anywhere in RuneScape. (functionality oriented)</description><!--Max of 110 chars-->
    6.     <version>1.0.2</version>
    7.     <compatibility>
    8.         <game>OSRS</game>
    9.         <game>RS3</game>
    10.         <!--Can be used if you absolutely need to disable DarkScape (highly discouraged)-->
    11.         <!--<disable-game>DARK</disable-game>-->
    12.     </compatibility>
    13.     <categories>
    14.         <category>WOODCUTTING</category>
    15.     </categories>
    16.     <!--Required to publish on the bot store-->
    17.     <internal-id>PowerChopper</internal-id>
    18.     <!--The rest are optional-->
    19.     <open-source>true</open-source>
    20.     <hidden>false</hidden> <!--If you need to hide it from the bot store for maintenance-->
    21.     <access>public</access>
    22.     <tags>
    23.         <tag>Tree</tag>
    24.         <tag>Vine</tag>
    25.     </tags>
    26.     <resources>
    27.         <resource>path/to/file.png</resource>
    28.     </resources>
    29. </manifest>
    The manifest can be included anywhere in your output folder or svn as long as the main class is set correctly. You must specify any resource files (images, sounds, text files, etc) that you wish your code to be able to access in the bot manifest.
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  2. The format has been updated slightly to comply with the bot stores revised standards.
  3. What are the allowable values for the "access" tag other than "public"?

    What is the difference between "hidden" vs "access"?

  4. @Cloud for clarification on options and meanings.
  5. I believe hidden= true hides it from the bot store, hidden=false shows it on the bot store. access=public means it's open to the public. I'm guesing there's another value probably something like 'private' which would make it a private script bot
  6. Hidden is in regards to the current visibility on the bot store. If a script bot is hidden, nobody can run it.
    Access technically does have other modifiers but it's too early to discuss that because there's currently no front end for specifying who can use a private script bot (although the backend is setup)
  7. Thanks!

    Some additional clarifications:
    • If a script bot I own is marked hidden, can I still see/use it?
    • What is the currently preferred way to share a script bot with a small group of collaborators/testers/etc.?
    • Yes, if you're using it locally. No, you can't use it after pushing it to the Bot Store.
    • Making it private and PM me the name of users you would like to grant access to. I will do it manually until a front-end for private bots is developed.
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  8. And by making it private he means <access>private</access>
  9. I'm really new to this, where would I place the manifest file :?
    Tried putting it in the output folder of my test project, but it doesn't show up on the available bots :/
  10. You can place it anywhere in your project
  11. @Cloud Any ETA on the private end? Its easier so I can test on my VPS as well.
  12. That's actually @Arbiter's domain
  13. Good to know!
  14. Push/pull from SVN or just transfer the compiled classes? For your VPS, not private users xD
  15. If it comes down to it lol, I like the easy ways first for the most part. And the feature is always good to have
  16. Yeah, I was just listing current alternatives haha
  17. Private is fully implemented. There is just no front-end to allow you to grant access. Just PM me which bot and to who to assign it and I'd be happy to in the interim.
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    @Cloud please specify the options for the access setting.
  18. Put RS3 for DarkScape. All methods should be fully compatible.

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