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    Ogilvie rs acc builders . We hiring motivated people interested in irl gold farming send us a message jackelliot01

    We quest OSRS and Legacy. We skill, get items and do annoying things in the game while you at work. We can also get you items that take lots of time. Don't play often? Let our scheduler schedule around when you play to get the maximum out of your acc.

    Please send us a Skype message at

    We can do any job and build your acc. We have experience with legacy and osrs. Turm pures 1 Def and other.

    We take paypal, western union, moneygram, and OSRS gold only

    current rate for AFK activity or light duty contracts( including basic quest sequences) is 1.5m OSRS per estimated hour. Our rate for anything maticulous will be 2.6m OSRS an hour. We're looking for about on average 4 dollars an hour for afk jobs or 8 to 10 for more maticulous work.

    Here, It's up to our service writer to determine your prices. Like at the auto shop
    Skype Jackelliot01

    We take moneygram western union, cash thru mail, paypal, OSRS gold

    Don't have time to build your army of pures because of your job? That's exactly why were here. We have experience building pk accs on rs since 2005

    Our questers are rs players just like you, and they're paid cash USD for their work. They want a way out of the poverty. You want a way to not slave over a ruined game

    Ogilvie services is a subsidiary of the bank of ogilvie. More information can be found at bankofogilvie.enjin.com as well as career information. Bank of ogilvie guerentees return of lost items. Bank of ogilvie offers conversion and wholesale prices for rs3, OSRS and ikov rsps. Bank of ogilvie insures up to 1,000,000 OSRS gold in damages. Bank of ogilvie is a multi national rs holdings company and is in no way shape or form linked to ogilvie services other than as it's relationship as an subsidiary.
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