Oldfag here

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  1. Hey there :cool:
  2. Who dafack is dis klown?
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  3. Someone who was around during the golden Arbibots days.
  4. I only came in to the botting community through rarebot so I don't know anything pre-2012
  5. As was I and I have no idea who this clown is.
  6. LOL, newfag.
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  7. Portugal or something was his name. I must admit you're more known than him tho.
  8. I'm sure they would remember me if I said what were my nicknames on RSBot, KBot, RSBuddy, etc.
  9. Fuck yeah.

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  11. This stupid site doesn't embed images properly. :(
  12. yeah it does
  13. Not for me it doesn't.
  14. [​IMG]
  15. [​IMG]
  16. Fag
  17. Fagala
  18. Yea y0u guys are like licorice and swwet aand cool im candy
  19. No, you are cabbage.
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