Oldschool Nature Chest [Deleted]

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  2. requirements?
    what items are needed?
  3. 50k/h isnt that much, even on osrs it isnt right?
  4. It's quite alright profit for beginner accounts.
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  5. Just go upstairs in the house in Ardougne, I can add a screenshot of the spot tomorrow.
  6. Is this member only or what ?
  7. Yup, how would you otherwise reach Ardougne?
  8. used for 1 hour just before the rs update and now it crashes when it start
  9. God damn it! I'll change it soon.
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    Yup, it's in Ardougne.
  10. @Arbiter Bugged, not uploaded from 6 weeks
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  11. Works well until it randomly crashes. Think it happens everytime it gets a random and randomly crashes other times too.
  12. Awesome, but crashes a lot.
  13. yeah i keep getting the same crashes. Can someone please fix it? :(
  14. Still keeps randomly crashing anyone know a fix/ a different one to loot the nats that works?
  15. Still broken
    failed bot
  16. Just keeps on searching for traps over and over. Is clearly broken.
  17. This resource has been removed and is no longer available for download.
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