OSRS ON OSRS, GE will be polled anytime soon..

Discussion in 'OSRS' started by EvilCabbage, Jan 9, 2015.

  1. On OSRS, the GE is being polled soon and I hope you will all join me in downvoting that for the simple reason of the economy being healthier without it. Buying limits, a Grand Exchange average price, and most important not being able to see the quantities and prices players list are a few aspects that damage a stable and healthy economy.

    I know it's a convenience to be able to sell and buy items 2 minutes quicker, but please see the bigger effect it will bring along: an unstable market.

    If you just run a botfarm and don't care about the game, please still use all your accounts to vote. This because a healthy economy is also a pre for you. You will make more money per hour per bot. And thus, this should concern you, too.

    Please downvote the Grand Exchange.

    Thank you.
  2. No.... no.... no the current economy is controlled by a around 3 or so merching clans that have been killing it for ages. With buy and sell limits the economy would be much better.
  3. i want the ge tbh but we will see how i vote
  4. agreed
  5. Grand exchange will only make it easier.

    Buy up everything of an unusual item under your cosmetically high decided price and resell them again for your set price.
  6. Not really, they have "auto poster accounts" basically a program that posts fake offers for them, so they can crash a item in a matter of hours. Where as with limits it can take days.
  7. As a finance major I agree with Harrier.... the economy right now is ridiculously in the hands of under 5% of the population. And i hate it... because im jealous of all the $$ they are making. I think the G.E will help with the merching problem atm, then again my opinion isnt based much on knowledge because I havent read how they want to introduce the G.E and if it will be the same as the last one.
  8. Some people argue that the GE will kill player interaction and set prices for items. But isn't that what zybez and the trading post do already? And the trading post is a huge pain in the ass when people are always have private off. Rather just have GE in the game so I don't have to hunt 10 different people down in 10 different worlds to buy items for a quest.
  9. i agree with this so much i had to run around for 1hr yesterday just to buy some shit gear what the hell
  10. Time wasted selling items might pay off by having lower prices at the end of the day
  11. what if I vote +support for ge?
  12. [​IMG]

    Seriously, though.

    I don't think it's in your interest that gold prices drop or skills become less profitable.

  13. voted for +support on runescape
  14. I played 07 for a short while, simply because I hated the amount of time I needed to spend getting something as simple as a black wizard robe top.
    It felt for me like ironman mode was already released by then since I can't stand negotiating about prices nor do I like the fact that at least 3 people tried to scam me with a priest gown (n)
  15. Last night I dreamed that GE got implemented in OSRS, yeah it sounds funny but it is true haha I just remembered it xD
  16. do you really dream about runescape
  17. Unfortunately yes, so you see how I totally have a life :p
  18. :D
  19. Adding the GE (08) to OSRS (07) is like giving grandma a tit job.

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