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  1. Hello fellow RS players i here by present you with a beta of my new website.


    Any suggestions, improvements, missing items or incorrect items are welcome.

    Please check out the BETA: http://beta.07exchange.com/

    07exchange.com is looking for sponsors / partners please contact me for details

    Price history
    API for scripters
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  2. That's nice, how did you grind all the data?
  3. Looking good..! These are the Grand Exchange prices, right?

    One super minor thing but your current title is incorrect grammar :p

    "07 Exchange is a online price guide for old school runescape."

    Should be:

    07 Exchange is an Online Price Guide for Old School RuneScape.
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  4. Noice
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  5. [​IMG]




    Added suggestion form

    Updated item details

    Improved url naming
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  6. Looks pretty sweet, not a big fan of the colour scheme though

  7. Yeah i agree with Slash, the color scheme is horrible :/

    But otherwise very nice concept and very well done already! Looking forward for more ;)

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