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Which Open Bot would you like to see next?

  1. Open Fisher

  2. Open Chopper

  3. Open Miner

  4. Add more framework features (skill tracker, item tracker, etc.)

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Open-bots are a series of basic, open source bots designed to give learning bot authors some material to look through.
    More information to be added at a later date.
    Current Open Bots:
    • Open Fighter - UI implementation, Npc interaction, SpriteItem interaction, GroundItem interaction, Queries
    • Open Pickpocketer - UI implementation, Npc interaction, Queries
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  2. Next bot I want to see is completed OSRS web OSRS spec weapon support a chopper! (?????)
  3. Spec weapon support will be added to both Open Fighter and Alpha Fighter once I get my hands on a spec weapon xD
  4. Nah I mean as part of the RM API, would be good to have an OSCombat.getSpecPerctage() and OSCombat.useSpecialAttack().
  5. I agree
  6. But nah, a little more on topic - have you commented over the source for this just so beginners actually understand what they're looking at?
  7. Yeah, that plus the status messages also double as comments xD
  8. See that Execution delay snippet has actually just helped me figure out like 3 of the problems I've been looking for fix in my PC bot :p
  9. xD Glad to know it's helping people already :)
  10. tfw you ask the community for the next open bot and you go ahead and release a completely different bot
  11. tfw the bot I release is a 2 minute copy paste job
  12. Open idungeon
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  13. Open hunter :rolleyes:
  14. You should honestly have a tutorial on how you make your bots like a step by step what codes you use etc.. @SlashnHax
  15. There are already lots of tutorials. Even by @SlashnHax. Also, you could take a look at the api in the docs.
  16. A more in depth one would be more understandable
  17. My main issue with this is the time it takes to do so in text form. A video is easy enough, but I'm worried that some people won't be able to keep up with it, plus I can't guarantee a good recording environment.

    Both of the current bots are relatively simple though, they wouldn't be much more advanced than the tutorial power chopper, which has a pretty in depth tutorial.
  18. Don't jump in deep directly, imo the best way of learning is by practicing yourself. When you need a script bot, make one. When you get stuck Google or ask for help. That's how I learned.
  19. Slash, I'd really love something that makes Interfaces easier. If a developers tool as such was made, I would be eternally grateful. <3
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  20. Yes, please.. T_T

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