Open Fighter 1.1.0

Loot. Eat. Kill. Repeat.

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  2. Nice I left it on for 6 hours and I got to 40 Cb
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  3. this bot does not work...
  4. Define "Does not work".
    I'm using it right now, and people have told me that they have been using it today.
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  5. It works I've used it on 8 accounts
  6. While at training camp northwest of ardougne it wont attack the ogres in the cage....
  7. Open fighter and alpha fighter have been crashin after 13 mintues
  8. Because the ogres in the cages aren't reachable.
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    If it's an OutOfMemory exception, try allocating more RAM to your RuneMate client using the -Xmx flag.
  9. @SlashnHax

    I don't understand how this line of code is working (in onStart() ). Where it getUI()?

    Code (Text):
    1. Execution.delayUntil(() -> getUi() != null, 5000);
    It's in Framwork folder........ ignore this.
  10. Thank you for this, helped me with implementing EmbeddableUI. <3
  11. Hi, whilst ranging, with the bot set up to loot arrows, the bot keeps looting arrows in the middle of a fight, rather than after the fight.
  12. What happens when it runs out of food? Does it stop?
  13. Do you plan on adding any changes to the bot in the near future. E.G. Bone burying, loot banking Etc.
  14. I've been using it in the Stronghold of Security. It works really well (better than any other free fighter), but I've encountered 2 major issues.

    1. Looting is a bit funny sometimes. The bot will become paused/suspended, while in the state of "Picking up" something. It's uncommon, but a pretty big issue, obviously.
    2. In the Stronghold of Security, it somehow clicked me through a door overnight. Not sure why that would happen, but when I woke up, the bot was through the door.
    Also, one thing I noticed is that this bot will not wait for a killed monster's items to drop before it tries to target another one. So, a recommendation I have is to allow users to set a delay, which would delay the bot trying to target another monster. This would allow the bot to pick up the items first, then move onto the next monster. This would fix the issue of the bot running around, picking up things after it's already long-since killed the monster that dropped them.
  15. This bot is great, except it's sometimes slow when it tries to get a new target (about 5 seconds). It would also be cool if the bot collected statistics like how many of each monster it kills or what loot it picks up. Other than that its a perfect combat bot.
  16. Nevermind, found the answer to this further up in the thread.
  17. Hi firstly I just want to thank you for taking time to create this fabulous script bot, but I realised it doesn't work for the lesser demon in the wizard tower? Do you mind looking into this?

  18. Because it is not reachable.
  19. Oh but I have a bow and arrows equipped, can it attack from a distance?

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