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  2. eh does the job but drops using the mouse instead of hotkeys so legit is faster anyway.
  3. Action bar dropping would be great. Besides that, seems to work well.

    Suggestion, add coal mining. Would be great!
  4. The full inventory dropping algorithm on old school is super shitty. It messes up very often and has to redo the process about 3 times to get it right.
  5. I believe this has more to do with the client, as I experience the same issue on OSRS with multiple mining bots.
  6. What would be a better algorithm in your opinion? Trying to drop the same item again if it doesn't successfully drop?

    The interaction itself is handled by the client, as kazemanie said.
  7. Rs3:
    1. Add actionbar dropping.
    2. Add gem dropping.
    3. Add exp calc.
    4. Its perfect.
  8. Maybe after exams
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  9. Pretty sure I got banned on a throwaway cause of this bot =| Had it set to mine 3 rocks north of yanille, so I set range to ~5 iirc. Somehow it moved out of 5 range of the rocks so it didn't mine.. just logged in/out over and over again for like 2 hours. Would be nice to have a "if no rock in range for x time, logout" function
  10. Amazing bot, used it on my div farming acc to make it look legit. However PLEASE add action bar drop (hold action bar key) so it never runs out of inventory space. It'll literally become the BEST power mining bot, trust :) also where's the source? Cuz I'll add it in if you don't :)
  11. Would it be possible to have dwarven mine added as a bot, specifically the place with the three iron ores together, and a banking option please <3.
  12. Alpha Dwarf Miner ;)
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