Open Pickpocketer 1.0.0

Pick pockets proficiently

  1. Works fine

    Could u add "Jug of wine" to food list?, also when out of food go to bank to take it? and to change gloves of silence when they break or fix them?
  2. im curious, what is the idea behind open (skill) bots? i know its open source or something so other authors can look into it on how u made em, but are u actually planning to add features like above to this collection of Open source bots? or is it just plain and open for others to add features to it?
  3. Does this work well?
  4. Give it a go and see ...
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  5. Could you and respond back to this if it works well?

    EDIT: I'm concerned because a few days ago I had a 2 day ban and now I'm all paranoid botting now...
  6. How about no.
  7. Pls boss
  8. How about you get the fck off this website if ur too lazy yourself to try out a bot.

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  9. Can you make it steal cakes in ardy when low on cakes? Maybe have it log out when out of food? I have almost died several times pickpocketing knights of ardy. I just don't want to babysit the bot so much.
  10. Open Bots are mainly just open source examples of bots that authors can look at and hopefully learn a thing or 2. I'm thinking about remaking them all and streaming/recording the process just so it's easier for people to follow.
    End game for Open Bots is a community driven collection of bots with features being added by multiple authors.
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    I don't really want to make them too feature rich because that would mean I'd be writing everything twice as I'm also working on Alpha Bots, for example I'm working on Alpha Thieving which will pretty much do everything Thieving related, except minigames which will be released as their own bots.
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    Plus the OpenAPI is much smaller than the AlphaAPI xD
  11. Ahh i see, u basically giving out a basic version of the alpha bots ur making.
    Makes sense, and i noticed that it helped a couple of peeps to start scripting so ty for that :D
  12. It sometimes attacks then ignores the targets to continue pickpocketing while you're getting wrecked.

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