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  1. As the title says I am open to suggestions for bot ideas for both RS3 and OSRS. I'm new to the community and I want to contribute so I will be scripting. To clarify, the ideas could be for each separate version or a bot that would work for both.

    I'd prefer that they not need a lot of requirements because I don't have many accounts that could give me the access I need to make the bot because I just started up again. (Example: I can't make any bots involving Priff).

    I will be taking the top 3 ideas for each version(RS3 & OSRS) or both that I think would benefit this community and make them. That being said, just comment on this thread or message me.

    - T.O.N.

    • Construction Bot(Oak Larders, Dinning Room Tables) (RS3)
    • Ascension Dungoen Killer (Rorarii-Gladi) (RS3)
    • Fire making Bot (RS3)
    • Woodcutting Bot (Include Fally East Banking) (OSRS)]
    • Portables Bot (RS3)
    • Lava Flow Miner (RS3)
    • Lunar Magic Bot (Superglass, Humidify, Make Leather, Plank make)
    • Pyramid Plunder
    • Wilderness Looter (RS3 & OSRS)
    • Hide Tanning Bot (OSRS)
    • Blackjacking Bot
    • Charm Sprite Hunter Bot
    • Livid Farm Bot
    • Questing Bot
    • Soul Wars Bot
    • Fish Flingers Minigame Bot
    • Great Orb Project Bot
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  2. Construction bot for oak larders. yep. we need that
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  3. Ascension dungoen killer (rorarii-gladi)
    very good exp and money
    note: i can provide the account
  4. I most likely wouldn't let anyone provide accounts to make scripts bots until I've proven my scripting skills, but thanks for the heads up.
  5. A good working firemaking bot!
  6. A wcing bot that cuts yews at falador and banks at falador east , there are 3 yews there , maybe 3 people on a tree at peak times , sometimes no one will be there , could be a great script bot , you might even get a donation
  7. Would you want this for RS3 or OSRS?

    Anyone else who posts after this please specify. If it would be for both say so accordingly.
  8. Dell, forgot to ask would this be for RS3 or OSRS?
  9. RS3, not sure if it might work for OSRS
  10. portables....
  11. +1
  12. LAVA FLOW MINE!!!!!!!
  13. Please please please please make a working firemaking or blackjacking bot. Willing to donate if you do!!!
  14. Yh, FM bot that incl Prifdinnas :p
  15. For RS3 or OSRS?
    Is there really no good FM bot?
  16. Portables sawmill?
    Rorarii is cool too :)
  17. if I did do a FM bot I can't do Prif, I don't have any accounts that have access and I wouldn't want anyone to lend me accounts until after I've made a couple of bots already.
  18. I can get you all the info, or you can teamviewer me :p
  19. RS3
    we have no working firemaking bots or thieving bots.

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