Question Original runescape bots?

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  1. Is there the original runescape bots? the one around 2001. The ACTUAL runescape game, not these newer shitty ones :D
    just wondering :)
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  2. Yeah sorry but thats Old school runescape. Not the ORIGINAL Runescape, I have a feeling that you're too young in order to know what is the original runescape.

    This is the original runescape I am talking about and playing;
  3. APOS
    --- Double Post Merged, Dec 29, 2015, Original Post Date: Dec 29, 2015 --- I have some custom scripts bots that got me 99 agility, herb, mining, smithing, fishing, and cooking
  4. Too young? Lmfao.

    Mate, 2007 RuneScape is OSRS, so I'm guessing you got things messed up a little.
  5. Yeah, back before RS3 came out RS1 was the old school version but now it is refereed to as "Classic Runescape".
  6. OSRS is the 2007 version, RSC came out in 2001 I believe.
  7. I was meant to type 2001 but I was high af sorry my bad!
    I tried to get the APOS bot but couldn't get in after registeration and waiting 30 minutes, made a topic about how to get the authentication done since it wasn't found anywhere -> today morning I am banned from the forums...Can't contact anyone, can't read anything nor post anything. Great place! Not gonna use their bot.
  8. I read somewhere a while back you could get this on you Iphone/ Android? I'll see if i can find and send link.
  9. Why would I want this on my phone? and who would support apple? You do know that they manufactor their phones in the range of 100-140€~ and sell forward to idiots 5 to 6 times the price?
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