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Discussion in 'General Market' started by TheCanadian, Mar 28, 2016.

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    Can not say how I obtained these accounts, and not all of them will work.


    Cheers, more to come!
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  2. they have auth
  3. Majority of them don't work, a large handful have auths, and I managed to find 2 accounts which were cleaned and nothing of value in terms of gp and stats. Nice dump though, thanks for the contribution
  4. yeah the ones that worked had an authenticator
  5. Sorry to hear that :( I'll be dumping more soon though!
  6. Where are you acquiring these? are you into hacking or do you know somebody
  7. Nobody helped me acquire these, I've been acquiring accounts since 2005
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  8. "Acquiring" AKA hacking ;)
  9. No need to be so paranoid about hax0ring @Canadian. Botting is just as illegal in Jagex's eyes as hijacking. I was in the scene in it's hype days, where pastebin and hacking forums were filled with dumps. I just phish for netflix and relateds
  10. Macroing is a whole other level as hacking/phishing.

  11. We don't support account hijacking here. While I commend the OP's idea of giving back to the community we would prefer you did it in another way. Perhaps a giveaway? ;)
  12. My apologies Arbiter, I will refrain from posting any more logs :)

    I was the co-owners of phishers.org back when it was still around. So long as Arbiter is fine with it, if anybody is looking for a articular type of account they can PM me and we can work something out :)
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