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  1. Hello, I would like if everyone could tell me how long they bot on OSRS everyday without getting banned :) also what do you bot?
  2. Personally, I bot anywhere from 2 hours to 10(with breaks) hours everyday. Never bot overnight though. Also, I never sit on the same skill, I make sure to constantly rotate and to do the quests that become available to me.
  3. botting my f2p pure somewhere between 2 - 10 hrs a day since spectre released now im even botting wc and going to yews just to see how far i can take it
  4. I have been botting OSRS with the old client alot
    I did sessions of 10 hours fletching only for days.
    But the best thing would be to change the skills you are doing once in a while :)
  5. well i got baned ended up boting more then 12h+ :/
  6. I have been botting WC for about 2-3~ hours a day, don't really change skill that often and I haven't been banned and it's at level 80.

    I also botted magic until 97 and wasn't banned - both of which were just a few hours a day.
  7. Well i did bot a lot that day and left over night :/ so i guess botting time is bigest factor in geting baned

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  8. Presently botting Woodcutting, I've gone from 1-52 so far without a ban also used QVE Chicken killer and Tut bot as well.
    I've botted the in game time limit for trading away and still haven't received a ban.
    Tonight will be third night botting through out my sleep, hopefully without a ban.
  9. Yes I am so impressed!This is the first time ive had such success with a f2p bot noob! Going on day 4 here :D For awhile there I would make a new f2p noob bot, and bot it smartly as I am now and still I would be banned the next day or few after.
  10. i have botted 10 hours a day on a mod banned account and have gotten 600k xp on agility and fishing without a ban i think spectre is pretty safe, but i do have 224 quest points.
  11. hmm, how do mods determine that u are botting? and how to avoid them ?
  12. The real test is going to be: botting my acc which was banned three days ago (using old client) i am 88 wc and 72 fish. Plan on fishing till 80 then sharks. If i last a decent time on there, spec. Is OP.
  13. Let me know i want 70 agil on my osrs main but too lazy to get myself haha
  14. My main i botted so fucking much using old client .... Got 73 agility. Gonna wait till my offense is up which is Jan 2k17 but yeah bot smart / safer then noob throw aways
  15. Man all my bans are literally perm perm :( r.i.p 2k7 acc
  16. Seriously ... Shit .. Both my mains got half way marks, the one i kept botting then got perm lol this other one i just said ill take the L an play legit
  17. 4-5 hours wc

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