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  1. Arrow collector bot
    Woodcutting bot that actually banks yews at the ge bank (or down in draynor by jail)
    OSRS wine of zamorak telegrab bot
    Edit: We also really need an osrs mining bot! One that can bank in the east fally bank from the mines east of the party room.
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  2. Would be kind of helpful if you could describe the "Arrow Collector" bot... Never heard of that.
  3. Im thinking of a bot that could wander around the world 308 wildy collecting all the addy arrows, or down in lumbridge by the al karid gate. Like the bone collector bot, it would go around looking for arrows and pick them up.
  4. Really need a telegrab bot for osrs...
  5. Telegrab for what? Wine of Zamorak?
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  6. yes!
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    yes for that exactly!

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