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Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by AmTyd, Aug 2, 2015.

  1. Looking for someone to build me a bot. Just log in, make a run to each plots and allotments, rake, dispose of the weeds, pick herbs, plant, water etc. Then log out, then log in after the time is up, repeat.
  2. "Easy" xDDD
    I guess if it would just run to every allotment regardless of it's progress then it might be, but the data for each plant would need to be gathered just to know how long to log out for.
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  3. Xd you know it is, bay bay.
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    Yea that's true, wiki works wonders. The bot can run 24 hours, not logged in, to keep track of time. If I was more efficient in setting up and making my own, I would help set up
  4. I guess I could datamine the info... But I'm a bit too busy atm to promise it any time soon :/
  5. You dirty little girl! :(
  6. lemonsqueezy
  7. I know someone wants to make some money xd
  8. You know each allotment is tied to varps right. So you know if you have to cure a plot across the map if needed, or harvest, without running around.
  9. Yes I understand

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