OSRS: Green dragon bot accounts ($20 each)

Discussion in 'General Market' started by Mikaelz, Oct 29, 2015.

  1. 100% Legit accounts with 60 attack, 50 strength, 40 defence, 31 crafting & 38 woodcutting. They are delivered with;

    1x Dragon dagger(p++)
    1x Rune chainbody
    1x Rune platelegs
    20x Anti-dragon shield
    20x Games necklace (8)
    20x Ring of dueling (8)

    Lost City completed.

    They have been born and raised by myself without the usage of bots, so if you have an unflagged IP to bot with they will survive and make you that $20 back in no time.

    PM only.
  2. you do know they cant legaly ip flag someone, and 20$ is very steep, i can make one of these in about 24 hours of botting [ over 4 days with a 92% survival rate] for free! and you would have to bot for over 130 hours just to make the money back, 5$ is more reasonable for this
  3. They can't legally IP flag someone? Haha wtf are you on.

    Naw it's not possible in 24 hours, almost though. $5 is maybe more reasonable, but I charge $20.

    And if you need 130 hours to make 14m... then... yeah idk.
  4. well one i did not see you said osrs, but still in rs3 and darkscape it is so easy to make these [ there are bots that would do it for you ] that 20$ is unreasonable, and unless you live outside of the usa, eu and most NATO nations then yes it is very illegal to ip ban someone
  5. No it is not illegal anywhere. So if a user terrorizes a business and the only way to make him stop is to kill him, or IP ban him, they would choose kill since ip ban is illegal? No dumbass, you can ipban anyone anywhere.
  6. Who cares, IP bans are the easiest ban to get around and they do absolutely nothing to anyone who even remotely knows what they are doing.
  7. Over priced sorry.
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  9. it is possible to do in under 24 hours.. 400k xp at 40k xp an hour = 10 hours.
  10. Thanks for the warning i guess

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