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  1. Will I get banned upon account creation after doing tutorial island manually? Or am I monitored more closely than nonflagged ip people? Less than a year ago I've been able to get 2 accounts up to level 100 with a high total level. After being banned probably 10 times over the course of 9 months, I have not been able to stay unbanned. Is 3 hour woodcutting/mining a ban? Is 2 hour agility a ban? I know you can get fletching to 90-95 before you get a ban.

    What is safe and babysit-able to bot?
    Are you closely watched if you are banned multiple times on the same ip?

    Each morning I log onto my account and click around for 10 seconds. If there is a lag, it means its a ban upon login. At that point I say fuck you Jagex.

    P.S Don't bot on anything you aren't willing to lose. Bot in breaks and always babysit. There I said these for you all so don't waste a reply.
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  2. Don't bot on anything you aren't willing to lose. Bot in breaks and always babysit. 8P

    Just get new IP and find out. If i get banned using my current IP, i will change it.
  3. You answer doesn't tell me anything. Have you went through more than 1 ban on the same ip and notice a difference than with a new ip?
  4. You'll be safe as long as you don't bot on 100 accounts at the same time and on the same IP.
  5. Just figure out how your ISP is handing out IPs. I'm able to just set my static IP even tho i have dynamic IP. Try out and see if you are able to do the same.
    I know I'm not participating in the discussion, but this is the way i handle this.
  6. Have you botted woodcutting/mining for 3 hours or agility for 2 hours without a temp or perma ban? Or any other activity?
  7. I have successfully used Exia miner for little bit. Didn't use for anything serious tho. Reached level 57 before stopping(on 2 accounts).
  8. What spot did you mine in? Also do certain areas have a higher ban rate e.g varrock east/west mines vs ardounge mines?
  9. Varrock East. Certain areas might have slightly higher ban rates, but since i'm able to kill chickens near lumb over 6 hours, i really don't see that being your biggest issue. I would focus on my energy dealing with other players.

    Popular areas probably have higher ban rates due to higher amount of players potentially reporting you.

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