Resolved OSRS Login Handler

Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by XCRunner, Dec 18, 2014.

  1. Login handler doesn't seem to work for OSRS. It doesn't hit the "Existing User" button. If you manually hit "Existing User" it'll start login in and hit "Enter" to log in, but doesn't hit the "CLICK HERE TO PLAY" button. If you manually hit that button, the login handler won't disable and continue with the script bot you were running.
  2. Have you tried reloading the client or waiting for a little while to see if it works it out?
  3. It doesn't work itself out. Just keeps logging in/out
  4. I just tested it and it's working fine. Make sure you're registering your account in our account manager.
  5. When you say account manager, are you talking about


    Cause as you can see I have them registered there. It logs them in, but doesn't hit the big red "CLICK HERE TO PLAY" button as shown here:


    and if I manually do it, it just sits at the normal screen without continuing the script bot that was active:


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