Resolved OSRS Mouse moving/clicking/anythingInvolvesMouse broken

Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by Hazard, Jul 7, 2015.

  1. From my point of view it looks like it's stuck in some kind of while(true) loop when calling anything mouse-related.

    Code (Javascript):
    2. Npc banker = Npcs.newQuery().names("Banker").results().nearest();
    3. System.out.println(banker); //prints correctly
    4. if(banker != null && banker.isValid()) {
    5.     System.out.println("test"); //prints correctly
    6.     banker.interact("Bank","Banker");
    7.     System.out.println("test2"); //never prints
    8. }
    10. @Cloud
  2. My client mouse doesnt move/click while running a script bot , doesnt matter which script bot i use.
  3. OSRS had an update yesterday and it was probably broken then, it should be fixed anytime @Cloud logs in ;)
  4. Friend of mine also had this issue, bots didn't click/move.
  5. I still have this problem, any results yet? Tagging @Cloud
  6. I'm unable to reproduce this at all. Does deleting your runemate biometric files change this at all?
  7. To be honest I thought you fixed this; today when I woke up it was working again; anyways seems that @renovanhest is still experiencing the issue

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