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  1. Would be awsome with a osrs questing script bot annybody has one or can make one? Best regards.
  2. Most of the Quest bots ive seen either suck, or are only designed for a specific quest. Anything ive seen of them talked about its always, its to much work and more possibility of bugs, or you should just do them on your own to prevent bans.
  3. Making a quest bot has been a goal of mine. I think I've learned enough java and runemate api to be able to do it. I've been putting all bot making on hold until Spectre.
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    So I checked this out. Currently runemate api for quests is lacking. With my limited knowledge I'm not able to make a bot be redundant enough to function properly enough without a quest api. Maybe someone with vast coding knowledge could spend countless hours on something that should be simple to make it work. But as is its its more trouble than it's worth.

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