[OSRS] Safest bots and botting locations

Discussion in 'OSRS' started by shrek420, Nov 24, 2015.

  1. Share them here and I'll make a list, since it doesn't seem to be all that safe to bot still...
  2. If someone makes a list then those safe spots won't be safe anymore cause they will become populated. I for one won't share my safe spots.
  3. Are you a sekrit Jagex mod?
  4. You know what, I didn't think about these things before posting the thread. Lol.
  5. 1. willows at draynor
    2. bowstring at lumby castle
    3. green dragons in wildy
    4. alching in GE
    5. mining pure/rune essence south of varrock east bank
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  6. LiteFisher in catherby. Used it for over 100 hours no issues.
  7. Anyone will say this about there own script bot lol. But I'll give it a try when I get home from my Thanksgiving vacation.
  8. its a j mod.
  9. How many hours can we bot before ban?
  10. That's depends on your hitting habits. I bot from 12pm-10pm. No ban using LiteFisher yet.
  11. It's not based on hours. You can bot for 1 hour and receive a ban or 1000 hour and not receive a ban

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