OSRS osrs Temple trek botting w/ Video&SS

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    Starting off, I wouldn't be surprised if this bot already existed privately.
    The current old school bots are pretty underwhelming when it comes to moneymaking, hopefully this is an idea that can help change that.

    There was an update that happened 1 or 2 months ago. The minigame reward now allows you to select a reward instead of getting one randomly. This became one of the best ways to farm bowstrings on ironmen. However, the GP per hour isn't so bad either.

    It's a medium risk/high reward type of bot, if we're comparing this to every free (resource gathering) bot on RuneMate. By resource gathering, I'm specifically targeting woodcutting, fishing, and early to mid levels of mining (I'm sure runite ore mining could potentially generate more).
    I personally haven't seen what kind of money red/black chin botting can pull in, so I won't be accounting for that.

    I made a video demonstrating how fast it is to complete a temple trek minigame. Each run was roughly 1m30s
    (WARNING LOUD IN-GAME NOISE @ 1:00 ~ 1:06)

    • Makes 460k to 585k GP an hour (Will discuss further below w/ screenshots)
    • Reward tokens offers more than just bowstrings, but bowstrings seem to be the best reward for GP
    • Since 90% of the minigame is an instanced area, may be easy to avoid player reports
    • You can get a full lumberjack outfit from this minigame
    • Requires at least 4 to 5 hours of questing.
    • Requires at least 2 hours of skilling.
    • Requires teleports to be efficient (Mort'ton teleport scrolls OR Morytania legs 3)
    • Mort'ton teleport scrolls are 7k gp ea and require another quest

    Lastly, this isn't the type of bot where you can send all 10 of your bald head bots to. This process obviously requires a decent amount of time just to even get started.

    While one account is botting, the next account is questing/skilling.
    When both of those accounts are botting, queue two more for skilling/questing. Give yourself a week and you've got a mini GP farm.

    After I made the video, I decided to do 10 minutes of temple trekking to see what I can pull in.

    In 10 minutes, I completed 7 runs and had to teleport out 4 times.


    Assuming if I didn't have to teleport out, I probably would have completed 8 to 9 runs. In those 10 minutes/7completed runs I made 700 bowstrings that's worth about 92k. Depending on how many teleports are used in the hour. It's potentially 400k to 580k gp an hour

  2. auxi

    May 24, 2016
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    I tried to create one for RS3 not too long ago :p It became a bit of a challenge for me eventually, but should be really do-able for more experienced bot makers. I believe if you encounter annoying/more difficult paths, you can just exit and start over.

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