OSRS: Welcome screen bug

Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by hey, Dec 24, 2014.

  1. When using any script bot on OSRS if the bot dc, or 6h dc the bot won't be able to login again since it does not currently support the welcome screen!
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  2. It supports it but for some reason things are acting odd on your end and it's not activating.
  3. rofl its notonly for me, its for everybody else
  4. If it was for everybody else than it would be easy for me to reproduce on my end in development mode. I'm not saying you're the only one with the issue, however I am saying that not everybody is having the problem.
  5. I've told you literally 5 times over skype I could help you with this, by sharing my screen and answering your questions. This needs to be fixed, a bot that doesn't support login support is totally useless. And obviously you're useless if you can't fix this.
    We've been waiting weeks now and you haven't fixed so it supports login-support.
  6. Wow calm the fuck down. If you find the bot to be so useless, why don't you go and use the other ones out there? There are much more critical things that need to be fixed than a stupid welcome screen. Cloud has been churning out update after update with critical fixes. Show some fucking appreciation or gtfo. You are neither a paying member, nor a scripter, so stop your bitching and wait till he gets around to it.
  7. Damn some1 is mad!
  8. is it u????
  9. Even though you're kind of right that's a bad approach bro, please calm down a bit.

    Please be patient, Cloud is very busy working on higher priority bugs, it doesn't hurt much to simply close and re-open client after 6 hours, no need to be rude.
  10. If you're going to choose to act like a child and fallback to insults, than please don't stick around. If you're willing to actually be respectful and patient for a product that you're not paying for, than please know that I will get around to fixing this when I fix a couple other more serious issues.
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  11. No offence but can you even read????????????????
    It's OSRS. If dc; the bot can't login.
    you never have to reload client for osrs.
  12. Play legit then, or quit bitching
  13. My word about being patient still remains the same, and sorry my bad.
  14. Everyone relax...
  15. i know who u r

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