Overkill ? Aidden Woodcutter

Discussion in 'Screenshots' started by Neospacian, Jul 21, 2014.

  1. Sexy 12+ Hour Proggy <3

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  2. Loving the proggies man :D Thanks for using my script bot
  3. nice one!
  4. Wow haha nice one
  5. Damn, nearly 500K experience! Nice proggy!
  6. Haha got ban shortly after posting this proggy :p
  7. Temporary or Permanent?
  8. Damn, that sucks! My main got permanently banned a few months back.
  9. That sucks, mate.
    But it was a good proggie nonetheless.
  10. I was expecting to be ban, I was just testing ban rate with it xD
  11. What was your botting behaviour like?
  12. Wait, how about the six hour limit?
    I can't get past it :(.
  13. If you log out and back in right before it happens, you'll extend your session by 6 hours. :p

  14. oh my god
    im so happy now

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