RS3 Passing 100M Exp only with spectre

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  1. Massive thanks to @Arbiter and @Cloud I have just passed the total exp of 100m in just over a month. Runemate is the only botting site that I trust and will ever trust. I have achieved over 20 99s with runemate over the years but with my new account I have 7 99s in under a month and am almost at my goal of 10 99s in under two months. I will post pictures whrn I get home. Thanks runemate
  2. That's amazing, great to hear! Good luck with that max cape man.
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  3. Were you botting 24-7 ?
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  4. Congrats man!! Good luck
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  5. Yes he was
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  6. how i bot 24-7 on rs3 i get banned but on osrs i dont ..
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  7. No idea man. I get banned on 07 within hours but with rs3 it takes 5-9 months
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    Thanks I'm getting 99 fishing atm.
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  8. If you do get maxed, it might be one of the fastest ever:eek:
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