Paulsniper19's Portable Planker 0.01

Makes planks using Portable Sawmill

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  2. Thank you very much for your contribution I will try this shortly.
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    Clicks the sawmill and whenever it goes to type something it continues to click the sawmill so nothing happens.
  3. Okay will test it in a few mins
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    hmmm it's working for mind lending me an account which is having the problem so I can test?
  4. This. It clicks the sawmill fine, but then just randomly clicks the sawmill when it should be inputting other commands such as writing the number of logs to cut or clicking OK to confirm - essentially restarting the process.
  5. Ah...okay guys I'm seeing the problem. Working on it!
  6. Nice to see one again here, Hazard used to have 1 but it's broken atm..
    Are you going to add hosting them too in the future?
  7. Please add normal logs are so much better atm :D
  8. Okay almost ready for next update. Just testing on another account. I only have two members accounts to test with :(
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    Yes...very soon

    Okay...will do, but I figured to use Oak for now since that's the cheapest and most profitable atm
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    Okay bot update has been pushed for next release. Just waiting for @Cloud to confirm
  9. Sounds awesome! Construction is really expensive with normal planks instead of Proteans :p
  10. Hey guys, when the next update rolls out, do this for me...

    The first time you click on the sawmill, move the interface to the middle of the screen (essentially blocking vision of the sawmill). Once you do that, then start the bot. I believe there's a bug with the client currently.
  11. So the concept of this is, you buy a shit load of normal logs, turn them into planks, and with the protean planks you get you train construction? So how many logs would i need for 99 construction :p
  12. Runescape Wiki, though it doesn't say anyting about Protean Planks per hour. I'd suggest trying it out legit for about an hour and see how many Proteans you get/logs you use.
  13. Thank you for making the leap and start writing bots too, @paulsniper19 ! Good luck with your further development :)
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  14. Alright guys! Update rolling in! Let's hope that all goes well this time :D Here's a small proggy. 242.PNG
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    Okay! Latest update has been released! Please let me know of any issues.
  15. This is DOPE!
    Few hiccups but fantastic right now
    I recommend making the bot go to the "Portables" fc and ask for a sawmill if the old one stops being hosted.
  16. whats the point of that, yoyu would have to implement something that read and deciphered the text then moved to the next world. Which I believe would be really really hard making this bot premium
  17. ^ yep agreed.
  18. @Eagles13 will know about this - with his gilded altar bot being free..
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    I think some sort of "Proteans made" counter would be nice below the Planks made counter, also with a Proteans/h counter to go with it
    Bot is working fantastically for me having made roughly 30k so far for me
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  19. works for like 5mins then stops

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