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Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by redemption1414, Nov 13, 2015.

  1. Alright no bullshit quick and easy to make. Slashnhax hopefully you read this.

    I need a fire rune not that banks at the duel arena. I'm 94 rcing with lunars. I need pouch support from small to massive. And NPC contact. No death walk and nothing else! Just that! Can be based off the nature runner. Willing to pay handsomely ($50) us dollars. Please get back to me. I make more money doing fire runes than Nat's. Its pathetic how the ge is.
  2. If you want to notify someone, you could use the "mention" system. :)
    Simply type in @username
  3. What issues does Alpha Runecrafting have with Darkscape fire runes?
  4. i stopped using that bot cause it just wont do anything. ive tried legacy mode and normal mode still nothing. idk what t is. it litterally just wont move. and i dont think it supports pouches and npc contact
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  5. That's weird. I'll move it up the list for rewrites, but I'll give it a run right now and see if I can reproduce/fix the errors.
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  6. godyoure so cool about shit. if u wanna add pouches and npc contact to it ill pay for it for same price as the nature rune bot? no fucking joke.
  7. Legit I thought I already added that stuff, but I guess it makes sense that I didn't because I hadn't finished the P2P support yet
  8. Ide really like that <3 I'm looking at development right now doing some studying. Lotta work. But lemme know when u might have it all done. Imma flip shit if its soon. Then I won't have to pay such big bucks I can pay day by day from runemate cash<3

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