Dark Paying for private bot $20-100+

Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by c4x1, Oct 10, 2015.

  1. hit me up and we can talk a deal :)
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  2. bump
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  3. Depending on complexity, I can do it.
    Skype: yodamonkey5
  4. What are you wanting?
  5. skype etc to talk?
  6. Why not just post it here so everyone can see what it is you're wanting. You'll gain the appropriate interest by doing so.
  7. Probably doesn't want to share whatever method he is going to use publicly (though it is very likely already known) which is understandable.

    A basic outline of what the bot is going to do would be helpful for potential developers though (e.g. walk x distance, pick up items, bank)
  8. bank for items, use items and rebank at the same bank. if account dies will respawn and walk to the bank and continue part 1
  9. I can do that, skype: yodamonkey5
  10. This guy has been given many options to contact people. lolz
  11. one guy scammed me 15m 07. another wanted $50 upfront and nobody else has really "got in contact"
  12. I hope you reported whoever scammed you if he was a RuneMate member.

    I'd recommend using some of the more trusted developers if you're worried about scams. I'm not sure if all of these guys do private bots but I know several do, just tagging them so maybe they'll see the thread or you can look at some of their other work.

    @Bertrand @Aria @Defeat3d @Qosmiof2 @SlashnHax @Supreme Leader
  13. I'm also interested in paying for a bot, any authors interested?
  14. Yes, skype: yodamonkey5

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