OSRS Paying to Create, Retribution Alts.

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    • Game Mode: OSRS
    • Link to wiki:
    • Summary: Start in Lumby, check if 1-3 games necklaces in inventory/1 recoil, if no bank in lumby, if yes teleport to corp cave, turn on retribution prayer and protect item, go to specific spot, enter corp, wait till death, repeat. It's a simple bot. VisualRM have not been updated for awhile, otherwise would of done it there.
    • Required stats: 48 prayer
    • Required quests: NON
    • Required items: Games necklace, recoils.
    • Other notes: NON
    • Private for 1 month. After that, do not care.
    • Payment 100usd via btc.
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    Found someone yesterday but he got some family issues and could not make it. Bumping this.

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