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Discussion in 'General Market' started by skrall, Dec 27, 2015.

  1. I'm considering to sell my main account, after getting my comp cape my desire to play has died down.

    - Completionist cape.
    - Full superior elite void.
    - All ports armour unlocked, with a reasonable amount of materials to create new sets. Also all combat related scrimshaws are unlocked.
    - All noxious weaponry, a drygore set and a tectonic and sirenic set that's almost not used + defenders up to corrupted.
    - Amulet of souls, ring of death, chaotic spear, brawler blood necklace, two attuned crystal weapons.
    - Close to 500 holy ovls, 110+ supreme ovls, and some more untradeable potions.
    - Original login name account (no e-mail login)
    - 4 skills over 50m xp excluding dungeoneering, total xp close to 750m.
    - The 'fire drake' legendary pet (picks up items and has a lot more helpful functions).
    - Two spider leg parts in the bank, just need one more to complete a spider leg.
    - Almost 15k crimson charms, 6k+ blues.
    - Numerous bonus xp outfits, cosmetic outfits as well as the recent revenants walking animation.

    If more info needed, please let me know, I'm not experienced in any way on selling accounts :)
  2. are there any stats or anything worth mentioning on osrs? as that would increase the value
  3. Original owner? any stats on OS, DS or DMM? Any blackmarks? Total worth in the bank?

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