pCooker 1.0.1

Tackling the tastiest 99 ever!

  1. Works great :)

    Could u add cooking 'Thoroughly' karambwan ?

  2. Gratz on release!
  3. Ehhhhh not sure the way I've written it will support that m'fraid :(
  4. works to slow.. :)
  5. Then tell me what exactly is slow, or use another cooker :)
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  6. Bot works pretty well for about 45 minutes and then had an error which shut down Spectre.
    Dont really know what exactly caused the crash, but its happened in the past for me.
    Also the UI under "Skills" on the bot is broken.
  7. What do you mean?
  8. Seems to get stuck the moment it withdraws lobster. Withdraws the lobster and then doesn't close the bank?

    00:00:05: Opening Bank
    00:00:07: Opened Bank
    00:00:08: Depositing Inventory
    00:00:10: Dumped Inventory
    00:00:10: Withdrawing Raw lobster
    00:00:13: Withdrew Raw lobster

    Doesn't do anything after this for me..?
  9. Alright cheers, will look into it.
  10. Bot will randomly stop. I dont know what causes the bot to stop.
    Im cooking lobsters at rogues den. Not running any other bots.
    Bot stops after one inventory.
  11. Check Output Log.
  12. all cookers on spectre are broken, and slow.. i dont get it.. so slow take from bank use on fire...
  13. So make your own....
  14. Broken as of today withdraws from bank, wont close bank or cook food.
  15. @Party
    Is it still broken or did you get time to fix it :) ?

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