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Discussion in 'Bot Support & Feedback' started by Party, May 15, 2016.

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  1. I'll be trying this for sure ! Will post screens after 3h of botting.
  2. Going to give this a try, so convenient as I've just started a F2P pking goal. Thank you for the great bots Party
  3. I've tried it for half an hour, it's very good but I've had some bugs:
    -Can't go downstairs after banking hides
    -Sometimes got lost and had to manually walk it to the cows

    Thanks for the bot btw!
  4. Bug? (perhaps more like improvement needed): Bot seems to be running like headless chicken, it might first attack cow and then when it sees cowhide it runs over to loot but doesn't go back to attack the cow that it has begun to attack (the cow might be stuck to the bush and they just stare each other for 30 sec)

    Real bug: Lumbridge banking is broken, it does go to bank and put items in it, but doesn't seem to be able to continue after that. Bank window is left open and the bot just stop even if you manually close the bank window
  5. so this is no good?
  6. Probably not working great, just kicked one out for my tutorial then decided it wasn't really up to my standards... If you can tell me exactly what is wrong I can look at fixing it though.
  7. Falador is the location closest to a bank but it's very bugged, you have to babysit the bot a lot, nudge it in the right direction when it stands around doing nothing in the cow field and it often gets stuck after banking as well. Sometimes it makes a correct trip back and forth like the big big boy bot it aspires to be but in general it gets very nervous very fast without handholding.
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  8. Yeah the bot sucks dick. Was originally gonna write it for a guide but kinda lost focus half way through, sacked it in and just released it... Sorry :(
  9. Well can't really be upset about a free bot not working but would be cool if you get around to fixing it one time. Like fally is closest to the bank so maybe just have a bot that works properly in that spot as opposed to barely working in 3. I'm kinda bummed out because for some reason alphafighter isn't banking for me either so I'm stuck manually going back and forth to the bank (#firstworldproblems)
  10. Honestly you'll save yourself a lot of time and hassle (unless you're an ironman) by paying a dollar or two for gold and just not banking :p
  11. True but botting in runescape allows me to feel like a super productive human being when I'm in fact doing fuckall. I use this bot in DMM btw because that fally spot isn't heavy on PKers and I need to get muh crafting up.
  12. Yo what's the exchange rate at the moment, I have like 200k I need to swap back
  13. No idea m8, actually only came to runescape because DMM seemed like fun. Have to resort to botting because I don't have the enchanted virgin power ammy anymore for +120% exp rates like back in the good ol' days ;)
  14. This resource has been removed and is no longer available for download.
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