Request Perhaps new detection method, and how to avoid it.

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What do you think, may it be a new detection method?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. Not sure

  1. So what I was doing is botting Coal on F2P world for 20hrs+
    I know its stupid right? :p

    So what happened, my account logged out, then it tried to login, but it said the login server was "offline"
    So my bot tried to login for 20 mins, and after it once worked it said "your account has been involved in serious rule breaking"

    Perhaps they are logging out "potential bots" to see if they would spam login for 20 mins?
    Perhaps it be safter to limit the bot login attempts?
  2. I think I heard once that the bot automatically stops after a number of tries. Not completely sure tho
  3. I'm pretty sure Jagex kicks you offline to disable your account. It's not a detection method, but more an indication of your account getting banned, I suppose.
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  4. In certain situations it limits it but I'm assuming this interface looked similar to a more harmless interface so it didn't take the hint. A screenshot would go a long way next time.

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