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  1. I started a brand new fresh account, did all the tutorials and even did some quests. I used the bot MassFighter and i was banned two times within 11 hours and i was perm banned. This is the 3rd ban i have recieved within a week and all on different account. I will no longer be using this client as it is very unreliable after the runescape update and i feel like not enough time was taken when the client was down to make it safer for us to bot.
  2. Its not smart to start botting right off tutorial island... you need to play a few hours... but atm, all my accounts got banned so, its the hard truth, but i would not bot at all atm :s
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  3. doubt its the client though....
  4. Soooooooo true.
  5. i didnt bot right off tut island i played for several hours doing quests and other skills. in other words my account that has been active for 6-7 years was banned within 6 hours of running the bot. It is 100% the client..
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  6. It is the client. They can now detect if you've ever used runemate. I've had several accounts get banned not because I botted for too long (3 hours every day) but because runemate can now be detected. I have even tested it out with other accounts I havent botted on and I bot for 30 minutes and that account gets banned the next time I try to log into it..
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  7. im even more mad now cause i cant trade or even use the grand exchange for 7 days in game time, once i log out the timer stops
  8. I went to bed and woke up 9 am still botting fine on an 07 rs account
  9. i think its alittle saffer to bot on 07rs than rs3
  10. Just joined today, but invested quite a bit ( for me ) on Runemate.

    One thing I can say about bans are that they aren't 100% client related.
    I got perma'ed last night while botting on the OFFICIAL client.

    script bot / method > client detection.
    ( IMO )
  11. how do you bot on the official client..??
  12. They usually wait till you log out and next time you log back in your account will be disabled. I will be posting a thread about an experiment I've been working on.
    How can you say that they are not client related when people get banned for just logging in runemate and playing normally?
  13. Lol what do you mean? I made a fresh account and played legit on it RM client, no ban whatsoever. It was f2p rs3 killing wolves next to burthorpe bank, and that's like the place to bot if you want to get your account banned.
  14. I used to only use rsbot and i never had even half the bans i do now i could bot for a week straight and be good
  15. I got banned within 5min with rsbot on an account with 40m 07 when they were worth 2$/m... It really depends on your luck though, but personally I'd never ever use rsbot again ever.
  16. I'm not going to be "that" guy and say " it's impossible to get banned for just using client to log in.

    I will admit. using what I thought was a safe client, I made a whole bunch of accounts and logged out.

    Logged into one of them today ( 1 out of 4 ) and got perma banned. all level 1 skills.

    like everyone keeps saying, it really is luck I guess...
  17. Random Mouse Movments
    More Human Like Mouse Movments
    Random check skills/other setttings
    Random 'do nothing' pauses
    Casual breaks.

    End the bans.
  18. I love Runemate and Arbi's work but if you think the client is not banning you, you're probably one of those cunts thinking the US is actually helping in the middle east. Blinded by your own naivety.
  19. Just wait till you log out and come back in the morning, youll be greeted with either a 48 hour ban or a perm ban

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