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  1. Got permabanned on something like 10-14 years old account.
    Turned on Runemate, logged in, disconnected(instant Connection Lost), perma-banned.
  2. Good you deserve it. Should of read the threads. It's like going to Syria, getting decapitated and complaining about it. No one cares. It's happening to all of us.
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  3. I wasn't complaining, it is what it is. Guess you're really salty about your ban. I'm just gonna switch to EVE, so w/e.
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    Just checked on another account, it instantly bans you when you log in, so yeah.
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  4. I've tried playing legit on the RM client on a fresh f2p account. I didn't get banned...
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  5. Huh, well i got two accounts banned instantly on login and a message coming to my rs message box that i've been banned.
  6. Have you ever botted prior to that? On those accounts? If not, then it might be the client. Nothing happened to me, so personally I wouldn't say so. At least not by playing legit on the client.
  7. Created a new account to check, that one didn't get banned. Huh
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    I did bot, but it was a quite a while ago, like a few weeks before runemate was temporarily shut down.
  8. TRy log back into that account i have ran 3 of those tests and all acocunt have been banned
  9. Nothing happened lol.
  10. only 1 or two people get lucky, I can't make it past 8 hours, and that's swapping skills every 30 mins. They might just ban any new accounts that's bot over x amount of hours the first day or get x amount of levels after x amount of time.
  11. No. I dont even bot. Just log in on a new acocunt then log out. 1 day later, am banned.

    *Note all account i believe that are getting banned because of the client detection i get like 4 bans, This was the least amount at 3 consecutive bans.


    *Note i just logged in and cussed people out cause i was salty about all my bans then logged out and tryed logging in, Then the perm bans come through

    All accounts were fresh accounts, skipped tut island then teled to lumb then i log out.
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  12. Not a nice thing to say bro...
    1. He might not have seen the reports..
    2. He's just saying something because he can ?
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  13. there should be a boarder block for travel to Syria if everyone going there goes decapitated O_O
  14. DOnt bot on accounts ur scared to loose remmember that no bot is 100% safe and especially now i wouldnt even dare to touch a bot client all stop making crying posts plz and use ur brains.
  15. Yeah I think its the client :/ I botted for the first time on a 10+ yo account and got banned with in 2 hours. Have been botting with another bot for like 12 hours a day (with breaks) and hasnt been banned yet. Banned in DarkScape, Fishing.
  16. was just perm banned mining at al karid ..... mining iron ..... using exia miner AIO by exia
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  18. Lmao thought the same... their system is spamming bans all day erry day.
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