OSRS Pest Control Bot

Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by clanxlol, Aug 10, 2016.

  1. Since ALpha Removed it, and it is no longer able to be downloaded, any new ones? I can do Paid or Free.

    Also can you direct me to Paid sections? hard to navigate for me
  2. By direct do you mean make it filter the bot store for only paid bots? Because there is only 1 lol :D
    A pest control bot has been in and out of here, and i believe @Party had one that maybe he would try to fix up and re-release, if it isnt out right now, if you are patient.
  3. My one will be re-released for free use next time the bot store is updated, probably during the day. Can't guarantee it will work great, but it'll do the job.
  4. thank you, yes I am looking for good paid bots, and also want to buy some gold, I have paypal already set up, who is best seller or available online now? also looking to buying rangers tunic,gloves, and boots

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